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My son wouldn't have had the services he has, which have benefitted him immensely, if it hadn't been for Linda A. Geraci's help. Not only did she give me the confidence to pursue goals, but she opened up new avenues that I was not aware of. Even though she didn't accompany me to my CSE meeting, I felt that she was there by my side in spirit and support. Everything worked out beautifully and my son is thriving in large part because she helped us attain these services. The fact that she was familiar with the best psychologists and therapists in the area was a big plus. As a mother who had difficulty accepting all of this at first, she made me feel positive about taking these steps for my son.
A.I. , Dutchess County

At the time we needed help with our childrens' delicate educational issues, we found Linda A. Geraci. We had searched endlessly across the Hudson Valley for an attorney who specialized in special education law. With compassion and understanding, Linda persistently fought for and found the appropriate educational placement for our children. Because she was willing to go the extra mile, our family has become more stable and better equipped to deal with our daily challenges. Linda A. Geraci is not only our representative, but she has become our friend and ally.
G.H. & J. H., Dutchess County

Every child deserves the opportunity for an educational environment that unlocks their natural potential and growth. By identifying my child's needs, Linda A. Geraci was able to legally obtain educational rights for my child. Linda A. Geraci is perceptive and persistent yet sensitive to her surroundings. She has a refreshing energy in her law practice that puts the needs of her clients first.
C.G., Orange County

When our son announced he would not return to our large local high school in October of his junior year, because he felt he "was not getting educated", we had to think quickly. We had already decided to have him independently evaluated to fine tune the reason he was experiencing so little academic success. His perceptive decision came as a final straw to what was clearly not an appropriate learning environment for him. He had barely passed any of his classes in 9th and 10th grades and although seemingly bright had no motivation to perform in school. As we looked for a small structured school, the results of the private testing came in. It became apparent he had lost ground over the years even with special education intervention. Only his superior cognitive skills had allowed him to function at all, masking the deeply rooted, unremediated disabilities. At this point we turned to Linda A. Geraci to gauge the strength of our case for private school reimbursement. Linda assessed the testing information, his grades and the jumble of ineffective interventions that our son had been given. She kept us calm as the months went by making sure we met deadlines for letters to the District that would help us maintain a viable legal path. As we prepared for a hearing, word came back that the District would negotiate a settlement. The same week we had a call from his school advisor with his grades: two As, A-, B+, B. Instead of being a special education casualty, Linda A. Geraci helped us give our son what he needed to be successful.
H.K., Westchester County, New York

Thank you for the wonderful job you did for our grandson. We appreciate the hard work you did to present our case, and represent us in Court. You did a great job with all the paper work, reports, contacting us, taking on our case, listening and writing all the details, and making yourself available when we needed you. I had my doubts about winning since we are only grandma and grandpa going against our grandson's mother. You made us so very happy. When we got the letter we cried, laughed and smiled. Thank you for listening and taking our case. You are a wonderful person and attorney. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
L.B., Sullivan County

Finding out that our son was learning disabled was heartbreaking. We knew he needed help but we didn't know where to turn. The special education process can be overwhelming. It became evident to us that we needed a professional who understood the law and also could understand our own emotionality with this issue. As parents, we wanted the best for our son, and our fear was that he was not going to get that. Linda A. Geraci was able to guide us through a process that was completely foreign. Our son needed additional education and Linda provided the leadership that made that happen. We are pleased with Linda's expertise and guidance and continue to consult with her today.
P.P., Dutchess County, New York

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